2023 Review: Here's What You Need To Know About Ford's Housing Bill 23

Published Jan 01, 23
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Webinar: Checklist: What Bill 23 Means For Ottawa

Bill 23 Reaction: Intensification should not come at the expense of  environmental protection — OAA - constructconnect.comWhitby mayor on what is Bill 23 and what does it mean to you?

Where a rezoning or even internet site intend commendation is actually accepted, the computation will definitely stay icy for two years. The alternative cost has actually been lessened to one hectare for each and every 600 net household devices if land is actually taken, and also one hectare for each 1,000 internet household units for cash-in-lieu of parkland, as well as goes through a cap of 10 per-cent of the land for lands 5 hectares or much less, and also 15 per-cent of the land for properties above 5 hectares. Bill 23 Ottawa.

Critics say sweeping changes brought by Bill 23, More Homes Built Faster,  are 'egregious' at best   The Manitoulin ExpositorBurlington Council Unanimously Passes Bill 23 Resolution Asking for Extended Commenting Periods for Legislative Changes & More Fulsome Municipal Consultations
FAQs About Bill 23   Building Whitby's 2023 Budget   Connect WhitbyProtesters rally against 'disgraceful' Bill 23 (7 photos) - Orillia News

The listing of such municipalities may be actually broadened by law. On the date that stipulations pinpointing "upper-tier districts without considering accountabilities" entered effect, any kind of part of the upper-tier district's main program which relates to a lower-tier municipality is actually regarded as add up to a main planning of the lower-tier town till the lower-tier municipality revokes or amends it.



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